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SBS 2003 Restore

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  • SBS 2003 Restore


    I'm trying to recover our sbs 2003 server. The method i am trying at the minute involves the following:

    1). Restore from an ASR
    2). Restore a full backup
    3). Restore exchange

    Everything restores but i am getting error messages when i try to create new user accounts. It says that new sids cannot be created. Can anyone give me an idea as to what could be wrong. In exchange system manager, it says that the first administrative group service is not running

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: SBS 2003 Restore

    Are all the services for exchange started? What event ID`s does the event log report? Is the store mounted?

    Just one word of advice. If you have the budget purchase Acronis. Acronis is capable of doing imaged based backups on SBS servers and can do a bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware. This will save you having to use the MS route with ASR`s and backing up everything granularly. The image can be interogated directly from the Acronis console and any portion of the image restored or the entire image restored in the event of a disaster.


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      Re: SBS 2003 Restore

      I'm sorry i have not reported back sooner. I got it resolved. I am going to look into the drive imaging packages like you mentioned above. Thank you


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        Re: SBS 2003 Restore

        Can you post back with how you resolved it so other members may benefit in the future and well done on gettting it back up and working.
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