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Port Forwarding and SBS 2003 DNS issue

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  • Port Forwarding and SBS 2003 DNS issue

    Hi All,

    Fist time Iím posting on here.

    Horrible, annoying issue with SBS 2003 and BT Business router. The story goes:

    Router setup with static LAN IP - 1.1
    SBS setup with static LAN IP - 1.2

    I have setup port forwarding on the router to allow gates open for VPN, SMTP etc... to get through to server.

    I can only presume the issue lies with DNS on server as BT have sent out 3rd router which I have manually reset in case of any nasties.

    The router will randomly change the server IP to something like 1.16 or 1.38 thus affecting the port forwarding I had relayed to server which stops VPN access and stops me getting emails (MX record setup to point to ext IP).

    I have tried various things to sort it, particularly thinking the router was at falut, however since BT have sent out 3 routers all have the same issue, it must be to do with DNS on SBS.

    I was thinking of re building the DNS config to see if this helps but would like some advise first in case others have suffered the same issue.

    Please HELP - its driving me MAD!!!!!!

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    Re: Port Forwarding and SBS 2003 DNS issue

    The servers IP address if it is set to static CANNOT be changed other than by user intervention. This is a prerequisite of SBS aswell as the domain/DNS structure in AD. DNS is not the issue as ports are forwarded to NAT`ed IP address that reside behind the firewall. How many routers exist in this scenario? Im presuming the BT router is a firewall/router-modem? Id try an entirely diffrent router in your scenario as it appears it hasnt been configured correctly for port forwarding or theres a problem with the device itself.