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Can not continue integrated sbs 2003 setup

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  • Can not continue integrated sbs 2003 setup


    I have a problem with my newly installed SBS2003 SP2 Premium server

    when i try to continue setup it comes up with:

    can not contact all domain controllers

    I have 2 win 2000 DC's in my domain i have stopped integrated setup
    ran adprep and forestprep etc

    transferred all required roles to sbs server including dns
    all dc's primary dns is now pointing to SBS 2003

    FRS is working fine all DC's can ping both ways between each other

    i have tried looking on google but i can't find similar problem solution ( only on expert exchange which i'm not a member of )

    I'm not experienced with Windows servers it is my first attempt in that area
    so far i've done everything as per recommendations and how to's
    and i'm stuck on that part now please help.

    as soon as i finish with that problem i will need to move exchange to sbs server but this will only happen if i have a problem with it

    Thank You

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    Re: Can not continue integrated sbs 2003 setup

    scroll all the way down on experts exchange and you will see the answers.

    also have a looks at an make sure you are following the criteria about DC's
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      Re: Can not continue integrated sbs 2003 setup


      Thanks for a hint
      I went to Experts exchange to find exactly the same situation as i have
      and this is the final conclusion:

      stewartje at Experts Exchange said:
      I solved the problem. I went to MS and had one their engineers look at the SBS box. They found that I had done everything correctly and that following the MS article for this task was the right thing to do. They had 2 people work on this case and in the end then "reprogrammed" the SBS OS to make the error go away. I wish I could give more detail but they were in areas of the OS I have never seen before.
      For others out there, this approach does work but as Eric stated it is not the preferred. Had I to do it all over again, I would have created a new local domain, and then rejoined the clients to the new SBS
      box. Overall now a bad learning session.

      Does it mean that only MS can help me like with this guy here ??
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        Re: Can not continue integrated sbs 2003 setup

        Have you followed all the steps here?

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