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Wsus & Sbs2003

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  • Wsus & Sbs2003


    I have a sbs2003 server that runs sharepoint and BackupExec.

    A few months ago while I've made updates to the server, the WSUS 3.0 SP1 was begun to install but freezed in the middle (so i canceled the installation), the server seems to run OK.

    Since i want to install and use now WSUS 3.0, i need some advices.

    I think WSUS was installed before the faulty update but was never used, even that now i can't see it on the Add/Remove software or a MSSQL$WSUS service.
    The only thing i see is a WSUS folder on my data partition.

    * Should i first install WSUS 2.0 again before upgrading to WSUS 3.0 ?
    * Should i rename my current WSUS folder on my data partition before the installation ?
    * Should i create a WSUS instance using the "sqlrun03.msi InstanceName=WSUS BlackSAPwd=1 Reboot=ReallySuppress DisableNetworkProtocols=1 DisableAgentStartup=1 DisableThorrtle=1" ?
    Is using that command can harm my other instances ? i don't want to harm my SharePoint & BackupExec that are working.

    I appreciate any advice since, like i've said, i don't want to harm anything that it's allready working.
    I've been reading a lot of manuals & posts on the web but have'nt seen anything that should help directly.

    Thank you for any help

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    Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

    Have a quick read of this
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      Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

      Thank you, seen those before but:

      I'm not sure about my scenario.

      * Should i rename the existing WSUS folder before installing ?
      * Is it safe to create an instance as mentioned and not to destroy my working Sharepoint / BackupExec databases ?
      * Should i install it as mentioned and change in the installation the port from 80 ?

      I can't make any tests without verifying that it won't mess my SharePoint & BackupExec cause it's a production server.

      Thank you,


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        Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

        If i were you id install WSUS 2.0 which is web based and stick with that as its supported on R2. WSUS 3.0 is console based and requires .net 2.0 and MMC 3.0. Bearing in mind Company web uses .asp pages theres a possibility you could break something in IIS in regards to share points configuration.


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          Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

          Thank you

          You mean i can break something on the Company Web if i install WSUS 3.0 or that also true about installing WSUS 2.0 ?


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            Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

            Originally posted by avi_ei View Post
            Thank you

            You mean i can break something on the Company Web if i install WSUS 3.0 or that also true about installing WSUS 2.0 ?
            SBS R2 supports WSUS 2.0. It doesnt support 3.0 Because 3.0 requires .net version 2.0. It will modify your configuration in IIS and possibly break OMA and Companyweb. There are ways around this but in my opinion you`d be better off sticking with the web version of WSUS as it does just as good a job as 3.0.


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              Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

              Thanks for the aspect i didn't realized until now.

              In other words, i should reinstall WSUS 2.0 on the server after i'll create a new instance for it !?

              Should i rename the existing WSUS folder before ?

              Is reinstall of WSUS 2.0 can harm my OMA & SharePoint ?

              Thank you very much again


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                Re: Wsus & Sbs2003

                WSUS should have no connection to Sharepoint or OMA. You can install WSUS 2.0 on SBS and you can also install WSUS 3 SP1 as seen here.
                You should remove all traces of WSUS 2.0 including its MSDE instance ( you did intsll it in a separate instance, didn't you?). Remove any folders and reinstall first WSUS 2.0 and then download and install the WSUS 3 SP1. Unless you have download restrictions (like in AU), let it resynchronise teh whole database from scratch.

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