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2 SBS 2003 servers on same physcial network

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  • 2 SBS 2003 servers on same physcial network

    I have a slight issue where by I have 3 companies sharing a internal network infrastruture. All clients use the same IP gateway address to gain NET access. I have 4 2003 Standard Servers and 1 SBS2003 server, the SBS server as 2 NICs 1 points to a seperate Router to collect Email the other nic points locally and DHCP on this NIC point to the SHARED gateway. I need to add another SBS2003 server for one of the other companies so they can utilise the Exchange functions for there users. I know SBS2003 really doesn't like another SBS in the same network, although these servers will be physically on the same cabled network, If I was to use a different IP range but still use the same Gateway and have the second card point externally for exchange would the 2 SBS servers have issues. Also the current SBS2003 server is the DHCP for all clients on the network if /i disable the DHCP on the new SBS server will I still be able to use this scenario.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: 2 SBS 2003 servers on same physcial network

    Not a recommended set up at all and potentially very messy. Naturally you cant have 2 DHCP`s on the same physical network irrespective of the subnets they are on. If your exchange servers are receviing email via smtp this will also cause you problems as your mail will be routed by default on 25 to the internal subnet. You could POP the email instead into exchange but again thats not a best practice or recommended solution.