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Sbs 2003 R2 All Messed Up HELP!

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  • Sbs 2003 R2 All Messed Up HELP!

    Hello everybody,

    This is like my 5th installation with SBS 2003 in the past 4 years. All inside my own Company (I'm not expert in IT). And I've never managed to get everything working if it's not Exchange, its SQL, ISA, AD or everything at the same time.

    So right now I've a new server, and many things not working: ntbackup just closes every time I want to make a Backup, ISA is blocking almost everything and the default SBS rules were not created at installation or during Internet Configuration Wizard. I cannot acces http://domain/remote or /exchange or my company sharepoint site.

    I have 4gb RAM (it's the maximunm in SBS right?) but It only shows 3.2 under windows and it's all eaten up by SQL, Exchange, WSUS, and monitoring , I've only 12 users so if SBS is intended in enviroments up to 75 users I can't imagine that scenario.

    So is there any real solution for solving this?? like reinstalling some components, Premium technologies, R2 Components, or anything else, or should I format the server and Start again?? If this is tehe case, can anyone please provide me with step by step instructions on how to install everything, which order, ServicePacks. and everything, cause microsoft KB's contradic each others in many ways.

    I'm attaching my network structure, If anyone wants to give some advice about it.

    Thaks a lot for your help!

    Francisco T
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    Re: Sbs 2003 R2 All Messed Up HELP!

    Your diagram looks good. Are you using a server class machine for your SBS? Some computers have memory ranges reserved in the BIOS for various hardware items etc. You may be able to change these in the BIOS. Otherwise just reinstall and follow the bouncing ball. One gotcha is ISA needs Service Pack 3, or it will cut everything off from everything - and fail in installation. So before you start, download ISA SP3, let it fail and then run SP3 to get it going again.

    (Alternatively, you could hire an expert!)

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      Re: Sbs 2003 R2 All Messed Up HELP!

      Thaks a lot for your help! I'm Using a HP DL-380 G5 server. So you think the memory issues are related to some BIOS config? I'm going to check.

      BTW Before reinstalling everything I'm testing in a virtual server under VMWare. So just installed SBS 2003 R2 and everything is working without any problems except for remote acces to the websites... If I make a VPN to the Server I can access: http://companyweb http://servername http://servername/remote /Exchange tha last two even redirect to the https, thats cool. However if I type the server IP I cannot get anywhere. I'm going to install SP3 as you say... hope it helps.


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        Re: Sbs 2003 R2 All Messed Up HELP!

        The 32Bit OS is the reason your not seeing all 4GB of RAM.
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