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SBS2003 + 2 extra Standard 2003 servers

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  • SBS2003 + 2 extra Standard 2003 servers


    I have a problem with an installation of SBS2003R2 with 2 extra std 2003 R2 servers.

    The SBS server contains the active directory, email and a few file shares.

    The first Windows 2003 server has a ERP software installation.

    The last windows 2003 is a Terminal server + licensing server.

    I created servers in the SBS configuration by add server, give it a name and give it a fixed IP.

    Then I went to the ERP server and used connect computer.
    Did exactly the same for the Terminal server.

    Now the problem is when I login to the ERP server with the domain administrator account. I can not access any share, Even If I go to company web it asks me for a password. I checked domain settings of this server and they are correct. Also in SBS I can even manage the server.

    The second server has no problem at all. (the Terminal server). If I login to it witht he domain admin. I can access shares and companyweb.

    What could cause this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards.

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    Re: SBS2003 + 2 extra Standard 2003 servers

    Apologies if this is too easy but have you confirmed you are logging on with the administrator account onto the domain and not local administrator? Check the box when you login and make sure, I do realise you said you were but it is easy to happen so had to ask. No offence meant.

    Please read this before you post:

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      Re: SBS2003 + 2 extra Standard 2003 servers

      Hi, Thanks for the reply but I'm indeed logged in as the administrator of the domain (on the domain itself and not localy.)

      The strange thing is that when I do log on localy (like it shoulnd't be) It all works? (the admin pass is the same as the one on the domain.)

      Now I'm completely confused. The logical way would be that when you log on to the domain you have rights and when you log on localy you don't have rights on the domain.

      Hope somebody can help me.

      kind regards


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        Re: SBS2003 + 2 extra Standard 2003 servers

        It sounds to me like you havent added the server to the domain properly. Check in ADUC if there is an object for that computer account. Also check system properties to see if the domain name is listed and the server is a member of the said domain. If it is not that is the reason why you are being prompted for credentials. Remove it from the domain and add back using system properties instead.


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          Re: SBS2003 + 2 extra Standard 2003 servers

          I checked every setting. I can even manage the server from my SBS server. On the ERP server I lookup the domain settings and they are correct.
          even the servername is correct.
          I rejoined the server a few times. a few times the sbs way with connect computer and a few times manualy.

          Same problem.