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How to backup company "website" in SBS 2003

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  • How to backup company "website" in SBS 2003

    Hello all...

    Im familiar with MS Server '03, but new to SBS '03. So maybe after trolling the site as well as google, Im asking the question improperly:

    Ive acquired a client that has a SBS '03 machine that has been ravaged by a virus, and left for dead by the previous IT consultant.
    There is nothing on the server left of value, save for the company website, so Im going to do a complete refresh of the server.
    What would be the proceedure for saving the website data, and then restoring that data to the new server once implimented. It is my understanding that the website runs on Sharepoint, but Ive found nothing that details the backup of this data alone.


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    Re: How to backup company "website" in SBS 2003

    Backup Company web.
    Restore Company web.

    My personal preference (though I have not done this on SBS) is to put SharePoint on its own Virtual Server then all you have to do is backup the VHD or similar VMWare files.

    Have not tried this on SBS due to the RAM reduction involved. (There are also licencing implications as well)
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      Re: How to backup company "website" in SBS 2003

      Thanks for the advice ! Much appreciated.