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Slow file copy to the SBS 2000 server

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  • Slow file copy to the SBS 2000 server

    I have in the office sbs2000 + terminal server win2k
    Most of the stations are just terminal without OS
    and i hav a few PC's with Win XP
    the problem is thar the Network is very slow
    when i try to copy or move files between computers or the servers
    the speed is very slow
    also when i tried to login with the pc
    any idies?


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    Here are 3 suggestions:

    Check for mass mailing viruses that may be sending a large number of packets to your gateway.

    Troubleshoot the hub/switch that the SBS server is connected to i.e. reboot the hub/switch, switch to a different hub, etc. If the entire network is slow and you have the same problem copying from workstation to workstation, it is likely a network rather than an o/s related issue.

    Check the time on the server v.s. the pcs and terminal server. I've seen this cause problems with adding machines to the domain.


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      Thanks--i'll checkt it

      Thanks--i'll checkt it


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        NVA, there's a simple solution to checking out what your network is doing. Get hold of a sniffer of some sort (Many are free out there Plastic sniffer or Ethereal spring to mind) and see what traffic is flowing around your switches, or hubs.

        That may not even be the problem. You may simply have issues with your clients accessing the domain controller in a timely fashion. If they can't gain access or your server does not respond in a timely fashion, then they enter a wait and retry state.

        If you're unsure of how to check out your network traffic, then say so, and I'll make some specific points about what to do, and what to look for.

        One question, to give some foundation to this problem. Is this recent? Was it faster before (And I don't mean, do you just think it was, I mean was it VERY much faster, and noticeably so?) and when did this problem first manifest itself?

        Get back to me, when you can.



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          Thanks for yours answering

          The problem start from the begining'
          at first the system was freeze during opening file loke doc or power ponit
          i add wins service , when i try to move or copy files it's very slow
          i never used a snifer, and i don't tinks it's problem of viruses
          i have 2 server of dell ,
          the card network of the server are 1000
          but i switched them to 100 beacuse the switch is only 10/100
          But i have strange problem,
          when i make those card to 100 the switch show me thats is only 10
          when i make them to automatic so the switch indicator show thats is 100


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            If your Dells contain Broadcom 1000/100/10 copper NIC's then they should auto negotiate the speed to whatever your switch will support. They should show as running at 100mb in Windows when connected to a 100mb switch without any changes.

            I think the same will go for Intel ones.
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              The servers contain Broadcom 1000/100/10 copper NIC's

              The servers contain Broadcom 1000/100/10 copper NIC's
              But when adjust them to 100 f/d in the switch the indicators show 100 h/d
              Only in automatic mode the switch show F/D
              in the next days i'll get anothe switch
              Maybe i can check it


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                Check the network card settings in your clients.

                Control panel / Network

                Once open, go to configure. then go to Advanced.

                Check your default speed settings. If it's on AUTO, try changing that to 100mb, half duplex, or full.

                Make that change for your PC's, and check the 'Show icon in notification area' so when you restart and the card goes live and starts transmitting, you can easily check it's connection speed, etc.

                Now your PC's all transmit at the same speed. See if that makes any difference.



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                  Check you switch as well - I found locking the speed of the switch port helped too.


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                    Slow File Copy

                    This is a known issue and is covered in KB Article 321169 - Slow SMB Performance When You Copy Files from Windows XP to a Windows 2000 Domain Controller.

                    Should solve the problem

                    Ian W


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                      Thanks alot for all yours help

                      Only in Pesah i'll have time to check it
                      Thanks again