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Installing WSUS 3.0

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  • Installing WSUS 3.0


    on my sbs2003 server i have sharepoint running and BackupExec.

    a few months ago while i've made updates to the server, the WSUS 3.0 SP1 was begun to install but stucked in the middle (so i canceled the installation), the server runs OK.

    The Wsus was never configured and used before but i see a WSUS folder under my data partition and theres no MSSQL$WSUS service.

    Now i want to installl and use WSUS 3.0, so i've downloaded it but:

    * i saw that i have to create a new instance for the WSUS with the sqlrun03.msi but i don't have it with the WSUS3Setup extracted files.
    * Should i use the sqlrun03.msi from my hard drive to create a new instance ? which of them to use cause i have several copies ?
    * is it OK after the last bad installation to create a new instance and install WSUS again ?
    * Should i delete or rename the WSUS folder i allready have ?

    Thnk you for any help