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    I have used ADMT to migrate user accounts into AD (2003) and it worked well. I am about to do the same for the computers. Initial tests went well, security settings on the pcs are correct and they appeared in AD.

    When the user logs onto the pc, I imagined that there existing profile would load. This is not the case, a new profile is created. The work around I am using is to rename the new profile to ***.old and rename the old profile to ***.newdomain. This works but will I run into any problems with this.

    Secondly the pcs are still show that they are joined to the old domain, is there a way to automatically join them to the new domain?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: ADMT Questions

    ADMT migrates the computer accounts to the new directory. You still need to add the workstations to the new domain (Through join domain on client). When joining the new domain, the computer will be joined up with his existing account in AD.
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      Re: ADMT Questions

      I read an article today regarding DNS and if the workstation was in DNS (Host and PTR), ADMT would change the domain. I tried this once today and it worked.
      I will be running more tests tomorrow and I will post my findings.


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        Re: ADMT Questions

        By using the below steps I have successfully migrated desktops into AD.
        1) Ensure desktop firewall is off.
        2) Add the domain\domain admins group to the local administrators groups on the desktop.
        3) Change the DNS setting to the DNS server for AD.
        4) Add the hostname and ip address of the desktop into DNS.
        5) Turn the PC off and on (do not log back in).
        6) Use ADMT and migrate the desktop.
        7) Once finished, turn off the desktop and then turn it on.
        Log into the desktop

        You will see that the pc has been migrated to the new domain and if you have migrated a user account , the profile will remain the same.

        Hope this helps.