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  • Some disaster recovery advice


    I currently have an SBS2003 server and a W2K3 server (DC) running in my network. I want to bring on another W2K3 server to act as a disaster recovery server - initially it will connect to the other servers via its own local subnet but will more than likely end up as an offsite server. What we need to have available in the event of a disaster (we are in a cyclone prone region) is mail and business data - mail is on the SBS server and the business data is on the W2K3 server. Should I setup an exchange server on the DR box and do a daily restore of live exchange to it and then a restore of the data (I will have sufficient storage space to do this)? or should I look at Brightstor's HA Server software - I'm pretty sure this can do two servers to one, need to check...

    Anyway, just after some input on what others have done.

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    Hi Dave

    Can you explain again what you have, ive read your message a few times now and dont quite have a full picture (it maybe me and late nights!!).

    Then ill give you my opinion (which does vary from each person to person as you can carying degrees of recovery plans from cheap and basic to full blown mega expense!).
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      hehe - it made sense to me!

      Here is a diagram - I need to check out my routing setup as well

           |               -------------|  |                               |
           |               |               |                               |         
           |               |               |                               |
        Server 1        Server 2        Server 3        Server 4         Router
           |               |               |               |               |     ADSL Modem 
           |               |               |               |               |   
           |               |            SWITCH             |            Internet
           |               |                               |
           |               ------------------------------| |
      Ok Server 1 is SBS2003, Server 2 is W2K3, Server 3 is W2K with Exchange 5.5 (separate domain), Server 4 will be W2K3.

      Servers 1 and 2 are production rack mounted units. 4 is going to be the disaster recovery box - I need to have a copy of data that is stored on 1 and 2 on 4 - the data is not a major problem I can simply restore the previous nights tape to 4 each morning (tape drive in 2). Exchange is the problem - I can't have another copy of exchange in the same domain.

      yes I know I added another server since my initial post

      From a DR perspective we would like to be able to either get to our data and mail as soon as possible in the event of a hardware failure and/or pick up Server 4 and relocate it in the event of an environmental problem.

      Is that clearer?


      I think I got all the routing correct

      Servers 1, 2 and 3 have RRAS enabled for LAN routing and the router has static routes such that network is reached through gateway and through


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        Dave, this problem seems fairly simply to resolve, but admittedly, I'm just glancing at this as I don't have much time, and need to run to appointments shortly...

        Anyway... I would simply add your disaster recovery box to the exchange domain, and share the data between the two, on a nightly basis. If one fails, the exchange network remains up, and so does the data.

        Will get back to you later with specifics. Probably six hours or so from now. 2pm EST, approx.



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          Thanks Shiva, it's the mail that is the problem - the data I can copy.