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2 phone lines (fax & internet), how do i set up the SBS network? (Diagram included)

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  • 2 phone lines (fax & internet), how do i set up the SBS network? (Diagram included)


    Im wondering if you can give some advice / guidance. At the moment we have two phone lines. One is internet (and telephone). This is connected to a wireless router, and is used by a standalone laptop to pick up POP email.

    The second phone line is fax, and is connected straight to a fax machine and telephone.

    We have a small SBS 2003 network of one server and 5 clients. This network is not connected to either phoneline (it is offline - no internet).

    I want to set up SBS properly to combine all of the components of our current setup and make it more manageable. I want to get internet to the desktops and server (for exchange email), and also be able to send a receive faxes via the server.

    Ive attached a crude network diagram ive made to try to explain how i think it would all connect together, can you check it over, and confirm that the setup work work.

    Also, since weve always used a standalone fax machine, can anyone comment on what the fax services are like in SBS 2003? How easy / reliable is it to send faxes from the desktops? Do the fax numbers integrate with exchange contacts? Is it easy to manage all the digital sent and received fax documents?

    Cheers for any input.
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    Re: 2 phone lines (fax & internet), how do i set up the SBS network? (Diagram include

    I assume you are using the same wireless router as a switch in this scenario too? Make sure it has a working firewall.
    Is this Premium with ISA or not? I believe usually SBS is dual homed so you may change the setup so SBS sits inline between the router and the network, in this case you may need an additional switch though (they are cheap).

    For faxing, I am no expert on SBS but:
    For incoming, all faxes will go to one user/location if you only have one line therefore it would only save paper in the long run (which is good!)
    For outgoing, you can use the GAL/local contacts etc to send faxes to. I seem to remember it was basic but ok generally.
    Management is down to you but you can save the files with relevant names if they are required for compliance etc.

    Before you connect to the internet make sure the server and clients are all up to date with patches, service packs and AV definitions.
    I would also make sure you have an internet policy in place regarding browsing and software as users tend to go wild when they can...

    I would wait for someone like Teiger though as his input will be more up to date.

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      Re: 2 phone lines (fax & internet), how do i set up the SBS network? (Diagram include

      Thanks for the response.

      Yes, ill be using the wireless router as a switch, router and hardware firewall.
      This is on SBS 2003 Standard edition - no ISA. Im confused by what you mean by "dual homed", could you clarify this? I do have an additional 8 port Gig Ethernet Switch though.

      Im hoping to be able to route them to a folder on the Server, and to a sharepoint store (kinda as a backup). I was thinking of routing to email, but then i thought only one user would get all the faxes, and it wouldnt be as well organised. Would it be better to make a "[email protected]" email account, which everyone could access? All these questions... basically i want to know which is generally the most popular method for routing incoming faxes?

      What i also want is to be able to receive faxes when out of the office. What would be the easiest way to do this? Route the faxes to a folder on the server and then Remote desktop? Route to sharepoint and then remote web workplace? Route to email and OWA?

      Would you say the inbuilt fax services are good enough? Or would i need some third party solution? (Assuming we send and receive around 25 faxes per day).

      Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for the help!


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        Re: 2 phone lines (fax & internet), how do i set up the SBS network? (Diagram include

        I think, before you have a major_disaster, you should engage a profrssional to set up your network. He/she can advise you much better according to your sitaution that you should hope to get through a forum like this. Post where you live and I'll recommend someone for you (you can send me a private mail, if you prefer)

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