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  • SBS Exchange2000 Instant Messaging

    Hello everyone.

    We recently Virtualized our SBS 2000 server to VMWare and everything went great, some minor issues overall, but nothing major.

    Before this while SBS2000 was on it's own hardware, Exchange IM was working great. When users logged in it shown you who it was, when they logged off it updated the IM list on the client, and when they changed their status it worked as supposed to (i.e. set to busy, lunch, etc).

    Since the Virtualization of the SBS 2000 server though, people are able to log into Windows Messenger and it shows who is currently logged in, but will not update itself when new users login or if anyone is currently showing in the list (remove them) when they log off.

    Basically you have to keep closing out of Windows Messenger and bring it backup to "refresh" the users listed.

    Now Prior to this when SBS 2000 was not Virtualized I had the same problem and this fixed it.

    I tried the same above this go around, but did not fix the issue.

    Since I virtualized would I have to uninstall the service and re-install from scratch?

    I R Confused!

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    Re: SBS Exchange2000 Instant Messaging

    K.. i'll give myself some points.. figured out the issue..

    Ran Netmon on the Virtualized SBS 2000 server and came across this line.

    SUBSCRIBE on node http://imserver url failed with error 80400191 while innitiating operation

    which lead me to this article:

    Before Virtualizing we did not have "HTTP Proxy Server" checkmarked and it worked fine.

    I Guess Virtualizing and how we have our Nics setup Windows needed this checkmarked to be able to send subscribe, notify, etc messages back and fourth..

    I also stopped the WWS service.. renamed the IMData folder and restarted the WWS logs

    Users now properly show on others screens when they login, change their Status, and log off...


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      Re: SBS Exchange2000 Instant Messaging

      Thanks for describing the problem so well and answering back. However, you should consider upgrading to SBS2003R2 or SBS 2008 in a few months. You are using a system which is very out of date and doesn't meet current security requirements -if you are connected to the Internet and receiving mail via Exchange.

      Also you wouldn't have a problem with IM presence etc - as it is no longer included

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