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Unable to set permissions / new owner on folders/files

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  • Unable to set permissions / new owner on folders/files

    Hi all,

    I have a users folder on my SBS for mapped network drives to have a 'dropbox' for files that should be available on my laptop and my desktop. That folder has three folders for myself, my (ex)girlfriend and my neighbour/friend. I and my neighbour use both a desktop and a laptop, and my (ex)girlfriend uses her desktop at home to VPN to the SBS and access the files from there. She also has a profile on my desktop.

    All folders have exclusive permissions for the user, so only SYSTEM and the specific user permissions to the folder and all child objects. Ownership is given to the specific user account as well, so access is denied even to Administrator or the administrators group...

    Now my girlfriend has become my ex-girlfriend a week ago or so (I'm ok, thnx ) and she asked me to copy her files (pictures, documents, favorites and so on) from her profile on my desktop to the shared folder so that she could copy the files to her desktop via VPN.

    I did the following:

    - I took the ownership of the top-level folder (root of share for my ex) with the administrator account WITHOUT replacing owner on subcontainers and/or objects.
    - I granted the administrator account Modify permission on the folder WITHOUT replacing permissions on all child objects.
    - I copied the requested files into the top-level folder.

    That went ok, without any issue.

    Now she sent me an e-mail asking how much data is in her share (total) and wouldn't it be better for her to come over with a USB storage device so that I could copy the whole share at once to that USB device. I had the same idea - that way it would be faster, and she wouldn't be choking my internet connection with the file copy either...

    To check the folder size I need to replace permissions on all child objects so that the file size can be calculated. I am able to replace the owner on about 70% of the folders, but can't set owner on the last few.

    When I try to set ownership on one of the folders inside the share WITH replacing owner on subcontainers and/or objects the owner change starts but it almost immediatly stops with the following error:

    An error occured applying security information to:
    D:\SYSTEM\User Shared Folders\Tine\Pictures\<one of the folders>

    Access is denied

    When I click 'continue' on that error I get:

    Unable to set new owner on <one of the folders>

    Access is denied

    All I can do is click OK, which returns me to the Advanced Security Settings for <one of the folders>, Owner tab. Permissions tab is empty, because I am unable to read them with the Admin account.

    I ran chkdsk on the drive, but it didn't find any errors.

    Am I doing something wrong? I know I could logon to my desktop with her credentials and just check the file size from there but:
    a) I really want to know whats going wrong
    b) I could run into the same issue at work without having the possibility to logon with user's credentials
    c) because of my skrewing around the security settings are not consistent anymore on all files and folders in that share, so I'd like to correct that too...

    Any suggestion is welcome...



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    Re: Unable to set permissions / new owner on folders/files

    Ok, I resolved it myself.

    I changed the ownership of files using the command line tool takeown

    takeown /F <root of share directory> /A /R

    It set the Administrators group as the owner of all files, recursive. Still puzzeled why the GUI wouldn't let me do it...




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      Re: Unable to set permissions / new owner on folders/files

      Thanks for sharing the solution.

      I always suspected that command line was stronger than GUI (but don't tell any unix/linux gurus around here)

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        Re: Unable to set permissions / new owner on folders/files


        The weird thing is that I still was receiving access denied after running takeown. However, I was able to see the current permissions but not change them. The solution to that was let's say 'confirm' the owner using the GUI - select the Administrators group again (was already in the current owner field), select replace owner on all child objects and click ok. Only then I could access the folders contents and change the permissions...

        Pretty weird problem though.