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Swing or MS Migration

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  • Swing or MS Migration

    I know everyone likes the Swing, but I ran across this article this weekend - wondering if anyone has tried it:

    I'm probably going to do the SwingMigration - but this will be my 1st swing - so if I run into problems, I don't want to be left "high and dry" over the weekend.

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    Re: Swing or MS Migration

    Your new server under that scheme will be called what?

    That's a new name. That means you now have to touch every workstation to update its shares, printers etc. Do you like more work? Note their 5-day timeline for the server. That's more than your weekend gone!

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      Re: Swing or MS Migration

      I used the MS Migration last time. No problems at all. Didn't take long to get back up and running. Less than a full weekend for sure.