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SBS2003 - no FTP, RDC, RA - routing issue?

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  • SBS2003 - no FTP, RDC, RA - routing issue?

    Hi all,

    I'm quite new to the whole server thing and I'm looking at a SBS server set up that was done already

    Set up is the router comes into the SBS server on one network connection. Then a second network card send to the hub and out to the PC's in the office

    The server has 2 IP addresses, on the router side and 10.0.01 on the office side.

    One of the guys in the office has to visit a ftp site as part of the job and can't get there from his desktop machine. He has to go to the server and log on there in order to get this FTP site to work.

    Looking at the router, I can see all the rules in place to send and receive FTP traffic on the 192.168... range, but I think its getting stuck at the server. I also think this is the same for Remote assistance request that another pc in the office has to do

    I've looked on the SBS and got to the point where the IP routing and remote access is. I can see the LAN, a loopback and a WAN in there. I figured I'd need to get the server to send port 21 to the specific machine, but when I try and enter this rule it fails, telling me the IP and subnet dont match.

    Sorry if this is really limited in information, if you need anything please ask, but I'm not sure how much info is needed. If there are any links to step-by-step instructions on the IP Routing too they would be appreciated. I havent ran any of the wizards on server management for fear of taking down normal internet and email functionality!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: SBS2003 - no FTP, RDC, RA - routing issue?

    Welcome to the SBS world. In here we don't use rules in RRAS unless we have to . We UTFW (see sticky posts for meaning). Only after that if we still can't get it to work to we get our hands 'dirty under the bonnet'

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