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printer issue on the network

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  • printer issue on the network


    I wonder if anyone might be able to help me here. I have a server running on SBS 2003 standard edition. I installed a few printers and made it shared on the network. There are a number of users and PCs. Most of the printers we have there are Fuji Xerox printers.

    The problem here is that i can send a job to the HP printer on the network to print. But today, user A whose permission is mobile user, is having difficulty in getting the printer to print. It kept saying "error - print" under printer and faxes.

    Then, i tried to print with me logging in and could get it to print with no drama. I am in a group of domain admin though. Is this to do with the permission issue or it's to do with the settings in the printer HP? I also noticed, this also happens to users whose permission are power users.

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: printer issue on the network

    Stupid Question - Do power users have permissions to print on this printer?
    Or are all Power Users in other groups that have permission to print?

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      Re: printer issue on the network

      Thank you Steven for your reply.

      Sorry for asking that stupid question but just can't help it. I'm stuck here, couldn't find a solution to fix this. Where can i check to see if power users have permission to print?

      By default, i think domain users, mobile domains users and power users are at least given permission to print. Correct me if i'm wrong. I have checked all the templates to see if they have permission to print and the answer is yes. I might have looked in the wrong place (just to be sure to check with you)

      I have gone to that printer and checked in the Security settings of it. It has the following security settings
      "Everyone" Group - "Print" permission.

      "Administrators" Group - "Print", "Manage Printers", "Manage Documents"

      "Creator Owner" Group - "Manage Documents" permission.

      "Print Operators" Group - "Print", "Manage Printers", "Manage Documents" permissions.

      "Mobile users" Group - "Print" permissions.

      "Domain Power Users" Group - "Print" permissions.

      "Server Operators" Group - "Print", "Manage Printers", "Manage Documents" permissions.

      Thank you for your patience and your help in advance