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SBS 2003 Hosting with GoDaddy

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  • SBS 2003 Hosting with GoDaddy

    OK, I have one SBS2003 Server and we use the Exchange server...and I have our website hosted with GoDaddy....

    I'm not too clear on what to do to get the address "" to work. I don't know if i have to do something in the GoDaddy's DNS Control or if I have to do something on my DNS Settings...

    Right now i kinda have it rigged where you type "" and godaddy's dns points to my server's ip address and in my IIS the Default Web's Index.html i have a redirect to the OWA portion...but in doing that I can't use the Exchange Active-Sync or the OMA because of that redirect.

    I hope this makes sense and I hope someone can help straighten me out.


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    Re: SBS 2003 Hosting with GoDaddy

    GoDaddy DNS points to your fixed IP address. Beyond that UTFW - Run CEICW to configure firewall and IIS to respond to OWA, OMA and AS. YOU don't need to redirect anything - except your address(es) will be (and

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      Re: SBS 2003 Hosting with GoDaddy

      Is their a way to have it point to "" without the "/exchange"