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  • help with those scenario's


    I've SBS 2000 and i use the Exchange on it.
    can i add another DC that have EX2K7 and transfer all the mailboxes to it and in the end kill the sbs 2000

    or this second scenario

    can i add this new EX2K7 server as a member server and then transfer all mailboxes to the new EX server with the connector that it create during the installation,and in the end move the Active Directory to the new EX Server and kill the SBS 2000?
    (of course after that i make the new EX - DC and move all the FSMO)

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    Re: help with those scenario's is just as relevant to you as 2003.

    Careful we don't "kill" anything to do with SBS here - we retire it gracefully

    But be aware of EBS or SBS 2008 coming soon

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      Re: help with those scenario's

      OK 2 questions.

      1 - this article talks about SBS2003 i've SBS2000 is it the same for SBS2000?
      2 - suppose that i use my SBS2000 only for its DOMAIN and EXCHANGE.
      after that i install my EX2K7 as another DC and transfer it to be the primary DC+GC+FSMO,can i remove the SBS2000 server? or the EX2K7 needs it for something?