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My documents redirection issue

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  • My documents redirection issue

    I turned on My documents redirection in Server Manager (SBS 2003).
    I created Users Shared Folder folder on DATA partition with exactly the same permissions as default folder.
    The test showed that it works fine. I logged to the domain as a test user and test folder was created on the server. I copied and deledted some files to insure that user have full rights to his My documents and it is sync.

    The issue:
    today after login to AD, folders for some users where not created. To give an example a laptop user logged in this morning (he always takes his laptop home).
    The folder with his user name where not created
    This is a remote office. I rairly comming on site and manage it remotely.

    What should be checked? (First thing I checked : he is a Domain Users group member.

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    Re: My documents redirection issue

    Run RSOP.msc on his laptop under his user to see that the policy has been applied to him. Try running "gpupdate /force" and then rebooting the laptop. Repeat and rinse

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      Re: My documents redirection issue

      User has 2 systems, a laptop and a desktop. On the laptop the sync is working fine, but on the desktop there is no sync at all.

      Mayby it's profile issue? Please advise.
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        Re: My documents redirection issue

        On the desktop the sync is working fine, but on the desktop there is no sync at all.
        Care to read that again? And then, as per the forum rules, please post it in your own thread instead of hijacking someone elses.

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