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Control access to Terminal Server

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  • Control access to Terminal Server

    On Tuesday I am going to add a stand-alone terminal server to an SBS 2003 network. The users on the network already have remote access using Remote Workplace.

    I bought five TS CALS and only want five specific workstations to be able to access the terminal server. How do I restrict access to the TS?

    It is very unlikely the 5 users would be moving around so this means the same 5 workstations would be accessing the TS. When the authorized users log on using Remote Workplace, I need them to be able to see the server.

    In the past, only administraots could see servers in Remote Workplace and this is the barrier I want to overcome. Do I change the security on the server object to make it visible?

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    Re: Control access to Terminal Server

    I'll start with your second question first: Add your TS to the domain using the Add Computer Wizard and joining the TS by //<server>/connectcomputer. It will then show up in RWW as "Connect to your Company's Application Server" or such like.

    How you restrict who logs on to it is a bit more troublesome. However if you buy Device TS CALS and install your SBS as the TS license server and then logon from the 5 workstations you wish to use, then I believe that those 5 devices will be issued with the license and others will not be able to logon to it from other stations. Don't hold me to that, though.

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      Re: Control access to Terminal Server

      Device TS licensing.

      Every computer that logs on to the terminal Server, takes one license.
      So if you have 5 TS Device CALS, these will be given to the first 5 computer accessing your Terminal Server. Other computers will still be able to log on to your terminal services server, these computer get an temporarly license with a grace periode of 90 days. When the license expires, the computer will query the TS license server for a valid device cal, if none is available the client will be denied access.

      So you can not restrict access to your TS server by using CALS, restricting access to your TS server can be done by GPO.
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