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Some problems occuring

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  • Some problems occuring


    Our email and website domain is

    We have SBS 2003, with exchange 2003, and when i do the following the following errors occur.

    1) If i ping, i get, which is fine.
    2) If i ping, i get, but destination host unreachable. (4 times)
    3) If i ping, i get "ping request could not find host", please check the name and try again.

    If i ping another mail server that starts with mail.(company), i get a response.

    Please can someone help explain why errors 2 and 3 are occuring. And how can i fix it ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Some problems occuring

    This is internal pinging?

    Can you post a diagram of your network with all the server IPs listed

    Also an IPCONFIG from the machine you are pinging from.

    At first thought, you have two different IP subnets: 192.168.0.x and 192.168.25.x If you have the standard subnet mask of one will not see the other.

    Also, www and are external addresses, which I would expect to resolve to a public IP, not a private one.
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      Re: Some problems occuring

      First of all, can you pick a more descriptive phrase for the title of the thread. It may help drive more people to read it and offer to help. It will certainly help it get picked up better in Google and help more people get here.
      Secondly your actual problem seems to be external vs internal DNS. Exernally you have no MX record pointing to - so mail will not be deliverd. Also SBS is, by default, not configured to anser to ping externally. I have a feeling that your workstation or whatever you are using does NOT have your SBS as its DNS server and more than that, you are using your router/firewall as your DHCP. Post an ipconfig /all from a workstation and your SBS and we will have a better clue to understanding.
      Finally, run the CEICW on SBS and choose which options you wish to have configured on the server. Note: as a rule, it is not recommended to host your WWW site on your SBS - use an external hosting service for a few dollars a month. Why? if you generate a lot of traffic, it's your Internet bandwidth they are using and if it is ADSL, remember its on the slow assymetric side. If you are sending/receiving mail, SMTP can be quite a bandwidth hog, and people coming to your site may complain if poor performance - not an issue hopefully at a hosted site. Last, but not least, do you want to invite Joe Public to access your DC on a regular basis? Although there are no known security issues, not everyone there on your site is looking at what your displaying, but may be looking for the info you are NOT displaying. Safer at a host, but your call!

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