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User limit is still 75-user

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  • User limit is still 75-user

    Despite Microsoft's best marketting efforts, the user limit for SBS 2008 will stay at 75 users - the same as SBS 2003 and 2003 R2. I have been given this information from one of the SBS team indirectly. The idea behind this statement is that the current marketting for SBS and the new EBS (which starts at 25 users) has an "ideal" crossover point" at 50 users. That is if you currently are a 50 user organisation and are likely to grow in the future to many more, or if you have applications and systems that are better serverd by 4 or 5 servers, then go for EBS. On the other hand if you are at 50 users and unlikely to grow to many more and you can run on two servers successfully, then go with SBS 2008 up to as many as 75 users (the limit).
    I am pretty sure that MS are working on a upgrade path from one to the other, though I have no info to share with you on that.

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