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  • Read Only Word Issue


    Enviorment: Typical Client/Server w/ 10+ computers
    Server: Windows Small Business Server Service Pack 2 Build 3790
    Workstation: Windows XP Pro SP2
    Application: Microsoft Office 2003 Pro


    Word documents are stored on a network share hosted on the server. Security rights for the shared folder/drive are set to full access for all users. When users are working on a document in Microsoft Word, the document changes to read only and they are unable to save the document. The users would end up doing a file 'save as'. However, this is only happening sporadically. I also noticed that the problem has been occuring in the afternoon. About 2-3 users are affected by this and they usually use the same computer. This happens with many different word documents, so I don't think this is a document specific problem. Also, the word document were sent to Microsoft for analysis and they said nothing was wrong with it.

    Resolution Step taken:

    -When copying the word document from the share to the local desktop, the problem does not occur. It only happens when working with documents from the network share.
    -This problem still occurs when lauching word in safe mode (winword /a).
    -We first ran open and repair on the problem document.
    -I made the server a trusted site and checked Allow active content to run in files on My computer in IE
    -I searched for tmp files by doing a search of the hard drive for ~*.* and removed those files. I also did a search for and renamed that file to oldnormal.
    -I have a feeling that this is could be an issue on the server, where a program/application is taking a handle on the Word App or the word document itself.
    -Microsoft suggested to turn of the Antivirus and Backup exec on the server. I followed their instructions and had this setup for about 2 weeks. After doing this, the problem still occured but not as often.
    -Microsoft wanted to look further into this problem suggested that I build another server without backup exec or antivirus program. Then, host the files on that server and share it out through a network share. I have not had a chance to do this yet.

    If anyone has any suggestions or had this problem in the past please let me know.


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    Re: Read Only Word Issue

    Are you using Symantec SEP 11? Is the share with Change attributes for users (the default is RO and is separate from directory security)? Check out SMB signing to ensure that your server and workstations have consistent policies.

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      Re: Read Only Word Issue

      If you have ruled out AV and backup agents, suspect indexing/searching, like Windows Desktop Search or MSN Search or services that do indexing.