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SBS2003 and WInXP

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  • SBS2003 and WInXP

    I am having a very weird problem. When I logon to my pc, the logon is for example "JSmith". At the top of the start menu, my name "John Smith" appears. Everything is fine and then suddenly, at the top of the start menu John Smith is no longer there but 'jsmith' appears. Complicating this is that after it happens I can not access my network drives. Does anyone have any clues? This on a network with a domain. I am the adminsitrator. Several other but not all workstations are having the same or similar problems. For example after logging on, and then starting Outlook, the system asks for your logon again. Sometimes it accepts it; other times it says that logon has already been used.

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    Re: SBS2003 and WInXP

    Post an Ipconfig/all from a workstation.

    and get a better title next time, we all have xp and sbs........
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      Re: SBS2003 and WInXP

      You posted this over a week ago. Why don't you have a look in your original thread? In fact, you've been repeatedly posting it for a while. That's not popular round here.
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        Re: SBS2003 and WInXP late. Enjoy you 2 week break from the site and please read the Forum Rules about posting. It is the second rule so it is easy to find.
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