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RWW - permissions, why can any user RWW to any PC?

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  • RWW - permissions, why can any user RWW to any PC?

    I have a cleint that we have just installed SBS 2003 server for.

    We have given them the RWW address and all is working ok. We got a call this morning from them saying that it doesn't matter what user log's onto the RWW (as long as there are a member of Remote Uers group) but they have access to all the PC's in the list...

    Is there a way of locking down this feature so that they can only control tere own PC'S?

    We have checked the "Remote desktop" users within each PC and there are no users in here, which suggests that this is controlled by IIS on the server?

    Any ideas would be grateful....


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    Re: RWW - permissions, why can any user RWW to any PC?

    The list that RWW throws up is simply from the Computers container in AD. That does not necessarily mean that everyone has access to every PC. Access is controlled by the Remote Desktop list. See MyComputer-Rt.Click/Properties/remote access/remote desktop users. Of course, if you make veryone an administrator of everything, then everyone will have access to everything. Be more selective!

    IIS plays no part in this - Group Policy may!

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