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how to create a BlackHole in EXCHANGE ?

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  • how to create a BlackHole in EXCHANGE ?

    hello all

    a cuple of weeks ago i had a problem with users that published one of my Distribution group with a spelling error like "[email protected]"
    after some tests i mannged to create a 100M mailbox that collects all of the emails that was sent to a users or a Distribution group with a spelling prob. u'r still getting a NDR msg. but i get a copy of it to my 100M mailbox that called "blackhole"

    what i mean is very simple
    [email protected] send a email to [email protected] the email reaches my SERVER from the mx record , my server cheak the domain name is valid and searching for the mailbox of the user JOOE he can't find a user in that name ( coz the mailbox of JOOE is [email protected] ) and NDR with unknow user sends back to "[email protected]"

    since there is no match and NDR msg. was sent ... a copy of that msg is beeing forwarod to a local mailbox "[email protected]" that way i know that someone is trying to write JOE with a spelling problem (that way or another)

    i've created a small Presentation in that matter , u can test it on .(only in hebrew for now , sorry)

    i would like to get opinion on it .
    is that a real blackhole in exchange ? is there another way ?
    can i get the email it's self and still send the source an NDR msg. ?

    haviv zaken .
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    Re: how to create a BlackHole in EXCHANGE ?

    If I understand what you are trying to accomplish, you better have pretty good spam filters, coz that mailbox is going to get full pretty quickly. Remember to give it a quota also, so it doesn't overflow your disk!
    Secondly, you will have to remove the recipient filtering, which will reject any mail that doen't resolve to someone in Active Directory.
    Next, if it is only for one mis-spelt user, why not add the misspelt address as secondary e-mail. in other words, if you had [email protected] and it got created as [email protected], then add that wrong address as a secondary or proxy address to that users.
    Last, but not least, why did you post this to the SBS forum? There is nothing specifically SBS about this - you caould have just as easily posted to the Exchange forum!

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      Re: how to create a BlackHole in EXCHANGE ?

      And who is going to check that Blackhole mailbox?
      It will soon become a fultime job, concerning all the spam and spoofing.
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