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Static IP but SBS still requests DHCP

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  • Static IP but SBS still requests DHCP

    I have a linux firewall doing DNS and DHCP. I have assigned a static IP address to my SBS 2003 box of, that seems to work fine. I haven't had any connection issue, I can get email, VPN, and IIS. The SBS box still sends a DHCP request for additional IP, ( is what it get/has). I can use this address to get to the internal website. I haven't tried anything else, but it works.
    The DNS/DHCP server is complaining because SBS already has a static IP in the hosts file.

    Why is SBS requesting an additional IP address?
    Does it have to do with VPN?
    Can/should I stop it and how?

    For servers I have been in the Unix world for a long time, this is my first Windows server.


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    Re: Static IP but SBS still requests DHCP

    OK everyone else: he has stated that this is his FIRST Windows server and needs to be weaned off Unix
    First not only Windows but your first SBS. SBS is an egocentric, dictatorial piece of software. ONLY it wants to do DHCP and DNS. Anything else in the neighbourhood and it wants to take over.
    When set up correctly, the Active Directory problems can be traced to 3 things: DNS, DNS, and DNS! So it is best to have DNS on the SBS and integrated into AD also.
    Secondly, so that all the dynamic registrations take place properly in DNS, SBS likes to handle the DHCP too, and gets huffy and takes umbrage if it finds another DHCP server in the segment. In fact, it shuts down!
    Lastly, say goodbye to hosts . This is the Window's world and we don't do hosts - unless we absolutley have to.


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