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OWA certificate error

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  • OWA certificate error

    In our company we use outlook web access. It works through ssl. When I go to the URL first a "certificate error" page appears. Then i have to click "continue to this page (not recommended)" before I see the login screen. Why does this page appears and how can I get rid of it?


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    Re: OWA certificate error

    Is this an SBS 2003 box? If it is, setup RPC over HTTP and you won't have this problem. Use the Wizard and you most likely won't have a problem. Print the instructions on how to setup Outlook and follow them to the letter and it should work first time.
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      Re: OWA certificate error

      Ok I understand that, but is it still secure then?


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        Re: OWA certificate error

        What you need is a real certificate provided by a trusted certificate authority. The reason you see the certificate error is because the SBS certificate is "Self Signed" basically telling the world that YOU say the certificate is "OK".

        You can get certificates reasonably priced from GoDaddy for a single domain. Do a Google search on how to install the certificate once you receive it from whichever source you buy from.

        RPC over HTTP/s is great for mobile users and is secure, however it is not equal to webmail.


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          Re: OWA certificate error

          But if you copy and install that self-cert into your trusted root certificates, that should probably satisfy the gods that push out that web page.

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