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Heads Up: Do not UTFW on Feb 29th !!

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  • Heads Up: Do not UTFW on Feb 29th !!
    This basically says that the Wizard usually generates a certificate for 5 years and since there is no 29th February in 2013 it generates an error!

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    Re: Heads Up: Do not UTFW on Feb 29th !!

    that raises an interesting question... how do software manufactures deal with the leap year?

    do they just add a line that says "if the year is divisible by four, then add a day to the end of feb"?

    if thats the case, then wouldnt everything have to be set up to account for that extra day?

    cause wouldnt that just screw up the clock adding an extra day? did they account for leap years in the computing industry prior to the Y2K thing? seems like they had to... or did they just manually adjust the dates on the old PLU machines?
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