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Renaming domain name in SBS 2003

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  • Renaming domain name in SBS 2003

    Hello Friends,

    I have network of 5 computers. I am phasing out the old NT Server and replacing it with SBS 2003. Yesterday, when I completed the installation of SBS 2003, I noticed that the domain name is really long and I am not sure where it pulled that long name from. Right now the name is SBServer.SantaBarbaraConvalescent.local instead of SBServer.SBC.local. The problem I am having is that when I try to join my NT Server and Windows 98 box to the new domain, it does not have enough room to accept the long domain name. So I need to shorten my domain name. I also installed the Exchange server when the install of SBS 2003 server was taking place.
    I was only able to change the DNS suffix to SBC.local but not the domain name.

    1. Can you guide me or recommend me instruction on how I go about changing my domain name?
    2. Would exchange 2003 we ok if we renamed the domain or do I need to reinstall?
    3. Is there a limitation on the length of the domain name?

    I sincerely await your reply and genuinely appreciate any help you can offer.

    Biren Shukla

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    you should try and search...

    in the site before you ask...

    there is a specific article talking about your problem.

    my preference is never do such a thing, cause allthough it suppose to work, it has a lot of side effects that can affect your organization in many diffrent way (including exchange - that has to go thorugh the same process as the domain - has an article in the site as well).
    Yaniv Feldman
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      Biren, listen to Yanivfel. I renamed my home domain and ended up getting locked out of Domain Controller Security Policy and Domain Security Policy. Decided then it was going to be easier and less messy if I just rebuilt the server.

      Is that an Exchange MVP I can hear laughing at my plight.
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        You could do it, but my advice is a re-install would be quicker and simpler. Read the screens during setup and it will tell you where it gets the domain name from. As you see it derives it from the organisation name you enter.
        I suggest you keep your domain name shorter than 15 characters for full compatability.

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