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email lost in SBS 2003 server

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  • email lost in SBS 2003 server

    My client has a Windows 2003 SBS.
    He created a new user (user2 for the purpose of the question) unfortunatly using the same email alias as user1.

    User1 didn't notice she hadn't recived external emails for some 5 days.

    Testing the delivery mechanism revealed that mail for her was
    been downloaded by the pop3 connector. It also appears in the incoming and pickup folders. It leaves the pickup folder but doesn't appear in any user mailbox (either user or the administrator.) There is nothing in any of the other folders including bad mail or failed mail etc.

    Once the duplicate alias was removed mail started working however she has lost 5 days worth.
    Does anybody know where this mail may have gone or has it just "vanished" in the words of a Microsoft managed SBSC forum.

    Any advice very gratefully recieved.

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    Re: email lost in SBS 2003 server

    Have a look in ESM at the mailboxes and see if any of them appear with a red X. You cannot create an alias with the same name as previously - Exchange just won't allow you. So there may be another mailbox with a similar name (user2_2?) that has the collected mail. Create an dummy user in ADUC, without an Exchange mailbox. Go back to ESM and rt click on the "Red-X" mailbox. One of the options there is to join it to an existing user (just created). Log on at a workstation with the dummy user and open Outlook. From there you could export the mai to a .pst to be re-imported to the "real" mailbox. You could use Ex-Merge for the foregoing on the server, but why learn a new tool, when you already presumably know outlook.
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      Re: email lost in SBS 2003 server

      Thanks for your reply Steven.
      Unfotunately there is no new mailbox or anything with a red x.
      The email alias created in error wasn't the primary address.

      As you I'm baffled as to how the mail didsn't get trapped, instead it seems to have left the delivery mechanism and dispeared.