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To swing or not to swing !!!

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  • To swing or not to swing !!!

    Hi, great website and forums.

    I have an older SBS2003 that I want to replace with a new box.
    The old server has been in the wars and is somewhat broken and has a poor choice of name rather than domain.local.
    It is used by about 15 users and hosts a sharepoint site, exchange and other typical small business stuff.
    So should I fix the domain name and then DCpromo etc, swing or just manually move exchange stores and all other files and remove the workstations from old domain, add to new and then copy profile.

    SBS is rather intimidating to do this stuff with

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    Re: To swing or not to swing !!!

    Swing is great - but not for renaming domains. The general opinion is that renaming a domain is not worth the effort. Just backup all data and Exmerge the mailboxes. Then install a new domain - easier, and just as time consuming, than the depths of RENDOM.

    BTW there is nothing inherently wrong with - just make sure you DON'T do zone forwarding in DNS and add 'A' records for any external sites like is at w.x.y.z rather than an internal IP. If you want to for this lookup "split DNS"


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