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Mails stuck in Local Delivery Queue

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  • Mails stuck in Local Delivery Queue


    Can someone help me with the following problem.
    I've setup a SBS 2003 server, with all service packs and updates, as wel for Win2003 as Exchange 2003.
    For some reason, all email are stuck in the local delivery queue. I've activated logging for several items to maximum, but I don't see any weird things happen. I can say that I don't see much happen.

    Can someone please help me. I can give you more info on request.

    Tim Van Engeland

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    Do you use any antivirus software on the server? Do you set it correct so it wouldnt scan Exchange and Active Directory database and logs?

    Did you install SP1 for Exchange 2003 + Post hotfix for Exchange Service Pack 1?

    What is the size of the mailbox sotre? (almost 16 GB)
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    Yuval Sinay

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      Re Mails stuck in Local Delivery Queue

      Did you set up your server to go look for mail every xx hours? If so they will probably dissapare in some black hole in the Exchange server. Try to tell your server NOT to look for incoming mail, and leave that task to your mail-program.


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        Re: Mails stuck in Local Delivery Queue

        Originally posted by [email protected]
        I have an issue with a single users email from within the domain getting stuck in the local delivery queue in Exchange 2000. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen to one specfic user?


        I've seen that with email, printers, etc. It seems the first msg in the queue had been holding things up. But I don't know why. I'd go to the user's workstation and see what they're doing to make this happen, if it's just one message, one recipient, with or without an attachment and see at what point the error can't be duplicated. You can even try the same thing from another WS and see where the problem lies. Problem determination is good for the soul!


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          Re: Mails stuck in Local Delivery Queue

          I am assuming that Internet connectivity is OK for everything else on the server and that port 25 is open both ways on the firewall.
          Have you tried re-running CEICW? or forwarding all your mail through your ISP as a smart-host? Is/are the DNS servers configured on the NIC(s) pointing to the SBS for DNS resolution?

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