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SBS 2003 is too crowded

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  • SBS 2003 is too crowded

    Hello all. I have both a point and a question to make. My point is: Don't you feel that SBS has tooo many preconfigured options and services running at the same time? Keeping in mind that the servers in which SBS is usually installed are tipically not very powerful, wouldn't be wise to uninstall a few of the options, like SUS, Sharepoint, IIS and in my case even Exchange? I know SBS is a sweet deal and enphasizes ease of use but I also think that having that many services running is not a good idea.,, Any way, just a thought. That being said......

    Is it safe to remove, Sharepoint, Exchange and SUS without causing havoc? Do I need sharepoint? I am not planing to use any of the reconfigured sitess.

    The company also has an external hosted Exchange service and they don't need it on this server. As afar as SUS, i think it would be safe to let the Windows clients get their updates from microsoft. I guess my question is. Should i remove those services or just let them installed and not used them?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, have pity on me, I am new to SBS.

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    Re: SBS 2003 is too crowded

    If you are not going to use these easy to configure services, why not just purchase a plain version of Windows 2003 Server? That way you don't have the 75 user limitation and if you need to install another service/application at a later date then you can purchase a new Windows 2003 Server licence (plus CALS) and the Application as well, like SQL.

    How many clients running on your network? Now multiply that client number by the MBs of all the Windows updates (including MS Office) and see how much bandwidth is being used by your company. It becomes really interesting when there is a Service Pack released for the operating systems and Office.

    If you are going to be using SBS and want a crash course on how it works and be able to begin to manage it, then I suggest you have a look at Train Signals' SBS 2003 Lab. It is very good and you will quickly undersand what it takes to run all the unwanted services.
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      Re: SBS 2003 is too crowded

      I am sure you meant well, however you did not answer the OP's question.

      FWIW - SBS 2003 is often offered for less money than Windows 2003 Standard Edition when bundled with a server.

      Now to the original question...

      I am pretty sure that you could safely remove sharepoint and exchange ( ).

      I am not sure that SUS could be removed....


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        Re: SBS 2003 is too crowded

        Bugme, I think you will have a hard time removing SUS. Might be a lot easier uninstalling WSUS though. Without knowing how many clients are running on the network it may very well turn out to be quite expensive bandwidth wise to let the clients update themselves.

        Originally posted by aperezny
        Keeping in mind that the servers in which SBS is usually installed are tipically not very powerful
        Not a particilarly powerful system, P4, Core Duo, 4GB RAM, everything installed, runs fine. I personally see this as a typical SBS server.

        It is also very difficult trying to answer a question when insufficient info is provided and when the OP dosen't reply to an answer even 9 days later.

        Why buy SBS when they want to remove everything except the core operating system. Also if you purchase SBS with a system, an OEM version, it is fraught with danger if you have to replace the motherboard since the OEM license is tied to that piece of hardware.

        And since they have Exchange hosted externally and want to remove everything else why bother with SBS and the user limitation. Hence, floating the idea of just purchasing the vanilla server version.
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          Re: SBS 2003 is too crowded

          FWIW I am in agreement with Biggles77.
          Although 2003 is over 4 years old, it is getting a little difficult to manage with Sevice Packs and new technologies added (WSUS, etc) , if you want to uninstall Exchange, Sharepoint and all the other SBS integrated goodies, then why buy SBS in the first place?

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