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Cals in SBS2003 standard

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  • Cals in SBS2003 standard

    I'm Iting a small company that currently has
    4 desktop xp's and
    1 winxp server for central file holding and acts as server for some programs

    I would like to move over to SBS2003 standard Especially for the
    calendar shring of exchange, and for easier remote maintaince and backup.

    Today we have 2 nokia cell phones that are connected with IR to 2 desktops inorder to exchange calenders and phones with the outlook.

    1)i was wondering if there will be a need of another CAL if USER or Device cals were used?

    2) also if i would need another CAL for vpn and remote administrating the server and the desktops , again if USER , or if Device Cals are used.

    3)Will a Cal also be needed for accessing the exchange webhosting for checking emails over the Internet?
    -- ToR911 --