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errors during synchronization

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  • errors during synchronization

    I have a user that gets errors during synchronization.

    Offline Files (\\MyServer\Users of Myserver): Error accessing 'username' on \\MYSERVER\Users\MYSERVER\Users. The system cannot find the path specified.

    He gets two more errors that are similar but for different paths.
    Why is myserver/users listed twice? ie: \\MYSERVER\Users\MYSERVER\Users

    How do I go about fixing this? He is experiencing many other problems as well with the server in regards to response time but I'd like to get this fixed first. I believe he disconnected his cat 5 connection while connected to the sbs 2003 r2 server and after this he is experiencing this problem.

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    Re: errors during synchronization

    Removing the CAT5 patch lead during synchronisation will undoubtly cause errors. Educate the user NOT to touch the pretty blue cable EVERY again.
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      Re: errors during synchronization

      He didn't remove it during synchronization...he removed it while he was logged in though. Now every time he goes to log off and it tries to synchronize, he gets this error. Any ideas?


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        Re: errors during synchronization

        He may have corrupted the offline files cache. You could try resetting it. I don't remember the exact procedure, but you can google it.


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          Re: errors during synchronization

          I went ahead and reset his offline cache. When I rebooted it does not seem to be trying to synchronize at all and now does not even offer me the option when I go to start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Synchronize and click on setup (there is nothing there). However, his computer's responsiveness has improved vastly so for whatever reason I guess it was the synchronizing that was slowing him down. Is there anything wrong with just leaving it the way it is? I went ahead and went in under folder options and disabled offline files as well. It makes no sense to me why this would have been slowing things down when the main point of it is to speed things up.
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