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How to properly move home folders?

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  • How to properly move home folders?

    The users home folders / profiles are stored on my SBS2003 server. I want to move them to another server and let the other server handle the logons. First of all I can't open a user folder as an administrator. Also the administrative rights can not be viewed by me. When I take ownership of the folder I can set the rights so that the administrator account can open and copy the folder.
    After this I give ownership back to the specific user and set the rights back as they were. When I log on with this account on a workstation it says that the profile cannot be found.

    What is a good way to copy all of the profile maps to my other server?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: How to properly move home folders?

    Any help here ?
    Move Data Folders

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      Re: How to properly move home folders?

      Thanx Teiger,

      this will work. Als very handy for some other problems!~


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        Re: How to properly move home folders?

        Yeap, i used the same guide, more specifically i used the Xcopy command onpage 7 and i worked beautifully.

        Xcopy C:\”Users Shared Folders” D:\”Users Shared Folders” /e /o /d /h /v /c>>C:\Copyresults.txt

        This one moves the share from the default location on C to the D drive without changing the permissions.