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Installing SBS 2003 w/o Exchange

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  • Installing SBS 2003 w/o Exchange

    How do I install SBS 2003 - but not have Exchange running on it? I have a client that would rather use POP with an ISP VS. hosting it themselves.

    I just want to make sure that Exchang is not running when I install SBS....


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    Re: Installing SBS 2003 w/o Exchange


    Two ways are there:

    1. Choose custom installation and deselect exchange.

    2. There are multiple CDs, one contains o/s and others have the other components.

    So install the base windows first and there are several folders by the name of components (like exchange etc...). You can run setup from individual folders for those applications only that you want to install.

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      Re: Installing SBS 2003 w/o Exchange

      Can I install Exchange - but just not the Wizard to configure it? I would like it at least installed so I don't have to go back and install it later.


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        Re: Installing SBS 2003 w/o Exchange

        You could just install the whole thing, which is wise in case you ned it later, then turn off Exchange Services by making their startup disabled. And yes, you do not have to run the wizard to configure Exchange, but the decision of "not running" the wizard will still leave the Exchange services running.
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          Re: Installing SBS 2003 w/o Exchange

          Or you could install SBS WITH Exchange and use the POP3 Connector to pull your mail down from your ISP and distribute it to the mailboxes.
          That way you can give him OWA, Outlook over the internet (aka RPC over HTTPS) RWW access to mail and computers and still be using POP3 and the ISP.
          BTW not many people know that POP3 sends passwords in clear text and anyone (including myself - and I am a POOR hacker) that listens to the traffic on the line can learn them.

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