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folder redirection/roaming profile issue

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  • folder redirection/roaming profile issue

    i've setup folder redirection / roaming profiles on a server i'm setting up running windows small business server 2003 r2. here's the issue.....

    when a user logs on to a desktop, when the user clicks on start, then programs, the user will see (in the area above accessories,etc) a list of all the users in the system. has anyone else seen this before ? how do you fix it ? i've noticed when this happens and the user logs off the pc and the files are re-sync'd, it tries to resync all users (and of course gives errors).


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    Re: folder redirection/roaming profile issue

    First of all Folder Redirection and Romaing Profiles are (or should be) two seperate items.
    Folder Redirection can be done with help from the Wizard (UTFW) or more correctly from the Server Mangler / Users Section / Configure My Documents Redirection.
    Roaming Profiles is done by creating a share (usually called 'Profiles', or 'Profiles$' if you want to hide it a bit) on the server Then for each user, creating a subdirectory under the share by selecting all relevant users in ADUC and enterring \\server\share\%username% in the Profile tab / Profile path: .

    Sounds like maybe everyone has some sort of access to everyones profile and that's why it appears in the top part of the program menu. Can't say I have ever seen that myself though.

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