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performance drop in rdp sessions

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  • performance drop in rdp sessions

    I have a sbs2003 server running as a terminal server. when I work on the console for maintenance the performance of the 2 rdp sessions drop rapidly.
    Mouse and keyboard are not very responsive sometimes it takes up to 25-30 seconds to respond to typed text etc. During this period cpu is normal.
    Page file is on separate harddisk and set to 3gb which is 1,5 times internal memory. disks are defragmented every week and checked regular.
    Spellingcheck in Office is automatic, this gave some improvement.
    Exchange is not even active currently to save memory and cpu.
    Have done some more tuning already but running out of options.
    Not working on console is not an option for reasons.

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    Re: performance drop in rdp sessions

    Working on the console is not an option IMHO. Its a server not a workstation for Job sake! Console is for server adminikstration. Likewise the 2 RDP sessions. II would hazard a guess you are in an unsupported configuration. So surprise, surprise! You have performance problems. Get a full server and TS CAL licences or add an application server to your network. Staywithin or close to design constraints . Then we can help you!

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      Re: performance drop in rdp sessions

      Tiger, thank you for your friendly reply. I guess i am asking in the wrong forum. Maybe your company can afford a bunch of server. Many companies don't have that kind of budget. Client was told by MS specialist before my time that this was a perfectly good configuration.
      I hope someone with a friendly attitude can help me with a few pointers.
      It is not my ideal situation to but i don't decide about my clients money.


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        Re: performance drop in rdp sessions

        I think you are missing the point that there is no TS for SBS2003. But if TS is installed it will fail on day 120 because it cannot be licensed.

        and teiger was being friendly you just don't want to see him when he is not

        Post back here if you need more info, but the bottom line is that three users connected to SBS at one time is not a good idea. Use RWW instead.
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