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  • SBS2000 to windows 2000 server

    I was asked by a co-worker to look at an installation he was asked to fix. It seems there is a SBS2000 server in place along with a regular W2K server. The sbs box is running AD along with the other w2k box. He was asked how to remove the sbs box from the domain.
    Now I'm under the impression that sbs will not allow 2 DC on the same domain. How could this have happened? I'm told all the users and login scripts etc are on both servers?
    From what I can gather the sbs server was the first on the domain and the w2k box was added and then dcpromo was run to make it a DC. I'm told (assured) all FSMO roles have been transferred to the w2k box. He wants to remove the sbs box from the domain.
    I tried to use ntdsUTIL to remove the sbs box however when run from the w2k box you cannot select the sbs box for metadata cleanup. When I run ntdsUTIL from the sbs box it shows both servers and I select the sbs box but I get an error when trying to remove it. This is the first time I have seen this configuration does someone have any ideas on how to cleanly remove the sbs server from the domain?


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    Re: SBS2000 to windows 2000 server

    Well, as someone new to this forum you obviously havent't heard me and others expound at great lengths what are and are NOT the limitations of SBS . so look back through the posts and research a little.
    You CAN add DCs to SBS as you would to any other sigle domain. Make sure you fully transfer/seize all FSMO roles tothe the other DC. Remove Exchange fromthe the AD
    and you certainly can use metadata cleanup. Drop the SBS off-line and look for the KB on how to remove a stale DC from AD.

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