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SBS server to Enterprise Server

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  • SBS server to Enterprise Server


    we are looking to migrate / Upgrade our SBS 2003 server to a Windows Enterprise Server 2003

    we allready setup a AD Server 2003 and a 64 bit Exchange 2007 Server

    we would like now to move the existing users AD to the new W2003 Server AD
    and to move all mailbox from SBS exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007

    many thanks

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    Re: SBS server to Enterprise Server

    You add the Server 2003 as a second DC to the existing SBS domain - as a DC it then has all the existing users.
    Install the Ex2007 on the new server as part of the existing Exchange organisation and use move mailboxes. Search for an MS KB on how to remove the first Exchange server from an organisation. Search for an MS KB on how to transfer the FSMO roles to the new DC then you can decommision the SBS.
    is your friend!
    Alternatively, wait for SBS 2008 as a MUCH better move unless you are over 75 users - in that case you (will) need EBS (formerly known as Centro)

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      Re: SBS server to Enterprise Server


      this was exactly what is wished to have as answer...
      many thanks