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LAN connection on and off?

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  • LAN connection on and off?


    i have a little problem here and am not sure if i post it in the right forum. My PC that's connected to the server occasionally get disconnected from the server. Then, it gets reconnected again after a few minutes. I noticed this because the "offline files - working offline" icon showed up at the bottom right hand corner. I usually right hand click it to select "synchronize" in order to get the offline icon disappear. This is even bizarre since we're talking about LAN wired connection, not a wireless connection. How could this be?

    It is connected to the server via a router that is used as a centralised hub. All other PCs connected to the server via the router seem to work fine.

    All PCs run on XP Pro and server runs on SBS 2003 standard edition.

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: LAN connection on and off?

    Yes, this is puzzling. I have had users run their chair wheels over the patch cable, users place their new desk leg on top of the cable, that sort of thing.

    Can you replace the patch leads easily enough?

    Can you swap ports on the hub with someone else and observe the behaviour?
    Best wishes,
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      Re: LAN connection on and off?

      Can you post an ipconfig /all from the pc in question, and also from the server


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        Re: LAN connection on and off?

        Thank you all for your replies.

        Yes, i will try first to swap the ports on the switch and observe the behaviour today. will let you know of the latest.

        Thank you


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          Re: LAN connection on and off?

          No luck.

          Still got the same behaviour. I don't know how this could happen.

          what happens is that when getting the message "Offline files - Computer(s) offline", i went to check whether Internet was working or not. The internet worked. So, it's just that it's not connected to the server in terms of files. But this doesn't make sense.

          To my understanding, when the computer is offline, it means that it's away from the office thus not connected to the server. But wonder why the internet still works.

          Any ideas?

          Thank you in advance