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CRM 3.0 Connectors for GreatPlains - Diskspace Question

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  • CRM 3.0 Connectors for GreatPlains - Diskspace Question

    Hello out there!

    I've not seen many posts regarding Microsoft CRM 3.0 or its integration components but I'm guessing someone out there has been down this road.

    We are planning to purchase a new server to run MS CRM 3.0. We currently have a machine that is running SQL 2000 SP4 and Great Plains 9. Both servers will/are running Server 2003 Standard.

    I've read that we will need this "CRM Connector" to talk between the CRM server and the GreatPlains server. It is supported to have the Great Plains server running this "Connector" application.

    I have not found any information regarding the disk space required to install the connector though. Does anyone know how big the foot-print is?

    Many Thanks.

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    Re: CRM 3.0 Connectors for GreatPlains - Diskspace Question

    This is generally not a forum for MS Dynamics software (CRM and Great Plains) . Please post to the miscellaneous forum if you can't find another suitable one.
    However, I happen to know a great CRM lady (many thanks to her) and she kindly gave me this response:

    Here is my answer.. not sure how to get it posted. Anne

    In response to the below. The GP to CRM connector uses BIZTALK and as such the implication of another server. Many of the US companies use a third party solution because they are not thrilled with BizTalk (although there have been improvements). One of the clients I have is using SCRIBE (although I am not sure if they offer international options).

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      Re: CRM 3.0 Connectors for GreatPlains - Diskspace Question

      Thanks for the Help. I was at a loss for a suitable place to post this as the Dynamics CRM community did not offer any assistance.

      I've decided to completely re-think my implementation.

      After all, hows that saying go (7 Ps of success)

      Proper prior planning prevents patently poor performance

      Thanks again.