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SBS and Outlook mobile access

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  • SBS and Outlook mobile access

    Hi guys,
    I have posted my question in Exchange 2007 section but I think this place would be more appropriate.
    I was trying to configure Outlook mobile access. I am running SBS 2003 and Exchange server with service pack 2 When I tried to access my exchange server using IE7 and tying address http://my_server_name/oma
    it used to give me some errors. After some research I found that OMA with SBS 2003 can be accessable using http://my_server_name/exchange-oma

    When I tried that it worked but one thing is bothering me. The interface that I am getting is more similar to interface we used to get with out look web access. Did you guys get me ? What I mean is to say that my previous out look mobile access used to be hyperlinks type of interface (that i used to get when i was running win 2003 enterprice + exchange with sp1) but now my interface is similar to outlook web access.

    Have I done any thing wrong in configuration. Please advice me that am I retrieving my mails from mobile using correct address and is my doubt is wrong about the interface


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    Re: SBS and Outlook mobile access

    UTFW use the internet connection wizard and in the firewall section (you don't say if you have ISA/Premium or not) tick that you want Mobile access. Other than that there are only 3 things you need to worry about with SBS and Mobile - certificates, certificates and certificates.

    Search the MS site and find the White Paper on SBS and Windows Mobile 5. Chapter 4 gives you the bit about certificates.

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      Re: SBS and Outlook mobile access

      Good day Teiger,
      I am not using firewall at the moment. Just want to double check with you that I am accessing mobile access by using the address http://My_server_name/exchange-oma
      Am I using right address. The reason why I am confuse is before that in windows 2003 enterprice edition I used to access by http://My_server_name/oma
      So am I right that in SBS 2003 I've to use this string http://My_server_name/exchange-oma to access via mobile