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Fax on SBS 2003

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  • Fax on SBS 2003

    Hi all
    Has anyone ever succeded in getting the fax to work properly on SBS 2003?
    One fax-moden can send faxes, but not receive, another fax-moden can receive, but not send. This is done directly to/from the server, and from different faxes and different phonelines, with and without DSL on it.

    If positive, please tell me which modem to use.
    Certainly it has to be modems of European standards, should be used in Denmark.

    Regards from Denmark


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    Please check that the fax service configure to get faxs (The defualt is only to send fax). You can check this settings via fax console.
    Also, 3com external - com modem 56 KB with V92 support can do the work just fine as I know.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Fax-modem in SBS2003

      Thanks for your reply, I almost forgot, that I posted here since no replies, but thanks anyway

      I succeeded at last using a Multitech MT5600ZDX Plug&Play

      Sure itīs plugīn play, connected, power on, driver inside SBS2003, upīn running in 2 minutes. Success all over

      regards from Denmark
      G Ladefoged