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SBS 2000 Server Rebuild?

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  • SBS 2000 Server Rebuild?


    I've got a Windows 2000 SBS server which is in need of a rebuild, as firstly when the server was installed I didnít know much about Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000, but Iíve managed to get the system running fine, to a point!!!

    What Iím going to do is upgrade the hardware on the system to RAID 5 from Mirrored IDE add an addition processor and extra memory.

    Iíve read a few threads including THIS one, but most of them are migrating to a new server, so the process seems easier. How can I keep the existing USERS, GROUPS, PROFILES, FILES and MAILBOXES from the old installation, while installing a fresh install of Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 on the same server?

    Any help or tips would be great



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    If you can get another machine, first do the clean install as an additional DC, use the DB duplicator features to copy all profiles/mailboxes/etc info to the new machine and then use dcpromo to make the new machine the main DC.



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      The BEST info can be found at by fellow MVP Jeff Middleton.
      True it's a commercial product, but it is a complete service for the cost of a PSS call - which you may well need by trying other methods!

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