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  • Newbie to SBS

    Hi all

    After spending a few years supporting Enterprise products I have decided to try my hand at SBS 2003.

    I know some of the basics and best practices as I have decided to RTFM before jumping in (past experiences are good reminders).

    I understand everything is wizard driven to enable the security features to be enabled. I have documented my build on the picture and would like to know if its possible to do this setup on a DSL DHCP ip address.

    Anyone know how to setup the pop3 connector to read email from a domain name or install ISA 2004 to integrate with SBS or does it standalone and require manual config (Enteprise way), can I setup all of the features remote web etc on dsl connection with dhpc ip addy?

    I do use DYNADNS to get a type of static dns feature (used to have static IP but ISP was rubbish and got a standard home package).

    So any pointers would be good have read most of the Microsoft and SBS community pages just would like a pro view on the subject.

    Ultimately I want and sbs server that i can vpn, distribute email from, remote web and possibly OWA etc from the T'Internet.


    Kenny Liddle
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    Re: Newbie to SBS

    ISA setup the SBS is called Premium Edition. Even if you bought Standard, you can upgrade to Premium for less than the cost of ISA - and get SQL server thrown in for the same price! On the Premium Technologies CD is a ReadMe telling you exactly how to install ISA.
    So there you go, RTFM then UTFW

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